We are now closed for Christmas holidays. Classes will resume Thursday, January 4th.
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At Iyengar yoga convention 2017, with Jawahar Bangera in Birmingham-UK
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Classes Timetable 2018

All classes at St Georges church – Vancouver road – SE23 2AG – Forest Hill – London

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 JANUARY 2018 


THURSDAY 4th and MONDAY 8th, 6:30pm
(book your place now!)

(Please note induction courses are pre-booked only, no drop in.  Book your place now!)
Course £60 (4 classes)
To book your place in the induction course, please fill out the ‘Health and Fitness’ questionnaire on the “contact us” page, and return it to with your request for a place. If you haven’t heard from us by the date you would like to attend, text 07809758244 to confirm you have a place.



Sunday, January 7th, 2018 – from 1-4pm
M £35; NM £40

(Early bird bookings, before December 20th)

M £30; NM £35

Class levels

Induction course – For those new to the Centre and those new to the Iyengar method, Also for those who have been away and need to refresh and strengthen the basics .

Beginners-For those who have completed the Induction course. Standing postures will be practised to build up strength, stamina and flexibility. The teacher will advise if other classes are more suitable.

General-For those who have completed the Induction and Beginner courses and have an understanding of the basics of Iyengar yoga, including SARVANGASANA (Shoulder standing) and SIRSASANA (Head standing).

Intermediate-For those who regularly attend Iyengar yoga classes and can hold SARVANGASANA and SIRSASANA for 5-8 minutes, more challenging postures are introduced here and ASANAS are studied  with more refinement.

Restorative/Relaxation– For those who need to restore their energies and need a less demanding class. Open to all (No induction course needed), pre-booking is essential.

55 plus yoga – For the over 55 and those who need to work at a much slower pace. Please enquire as booking is essential.

Yoga days and Workshops– For those who attend classes in the centre regularly and have practised Iyengar yoga for at least a year. Unless specified otherwise on publicity. Pre-booking is essential.

Fees from January 2018 

An yearly membership fee of £30(equivalent to £0.57 per week) is required to benefit from saving packages. It doesn’t apply to the induction courses and restorative classes.


Membership entitles you to priority on bookings, discounts on one off class, yoga days and packages/block of classes.

NM(non-members)£30 (Yearly)
 One class
(Drop in fee, after completed the induction course)
 M £13
NM £15
Block of four classes-Beginners and General classes
(Once per week, or it may be used on any day, at same level. To be used within four weeks).
M £50
NM £55
*Block of eight classes-General classes
(It may be used on any day, normally at same level. To be used within four weeks)
Members only
 *55 plus yoga. £13
 *Membership holders only
Iyengar Yoga Induction Course Fee (Four classes-membership doesn’t apply) £60
Mondays 6:30pm (Tuesdays or Saturdays can also be arranged),
Thursdays 6:30pm from January 7th. -Please enquire!
Yoga Day Fee M £35
NM £40
-Early bird-
M £30
NM £35
Other special days TBA
Restorative classes fee M £13
NM £15
 Saturdays 11:30am – Booking is essential.

Please note:
-All new students must read, fill out the health and fitness questionnaire found in the “contact us” page and return to  

-Everyone new to the centre, need to attend/pay the four lessons induction course on Mondays 6:30pm or Thursday 7:30pm, prior to join general classes and workshops. Those with experience of other styles of yoga need to come to the induction course first; and the teachers will advise, whether other classes are more suitable.

*Please enquire.


Iyengar certification mark© Only Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers are permitted to use “Iyengar Yoga” certification mark! It is a sign of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding of the art, science and philosophy of yoga.